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The Equality Plan


All staff at Grinden ​works to offer all children a safe preschool environment where all have equal opportunities irrespective of their individual qualities, abilities and conditions.

Preschool activities must be impregnated by a democratic basic view, the human dignity is equal for all.

The child has the right to be free from discrimination or insults. The preschoolchief has a special responsibility to prevent and resist all forms of
insulting behavior among children and staff.

Insulting treatment can be:

  • Physical insults - such as being beaten, kicked, pushed, bitten, or subjected to duress. No one is allowed to damage someone else´s belongings.
  • Verbal insults - such as defamation, malicious language, spreading rumors, threats, talking over the head of anyone, withholding information deliberately, whispers, nasty looks, signs or other types of bodylanguage that are perceived as insulting.
  • Psycho-social insults - as ostracism or exclusion, not to be taken seriously, not being seen, not being respected.
  • Text and picture-borne insults - through emails, text messages, graffiti, letters or notes.
  • Discrimination by gender, ethnic background, religion or other belief, sexual natures and disability - both physical or psychological.
    Insults can occur between children, between adult and child or between adults.
    All staff on Grinden has an explicit responsibility to prevent that the above does not happen and if anyone is insulted, discriminated or harassed the staff has the responsibility to react and proceed with a ​following plan of action.


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