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                                                            General information about infections:

It´s good for children to have many infections, they will build up their immune system.
90% of all infections comes from virus-infections, 10% are caused by bacteria.
At a virus-infection antibiotics will not help.

It´s often difficult in the morning to determine if your ​child can handle a day on the preschool.

If you are called by the preschool-staff, they have determined that your child is unwell and not able to manage the rest of the day in preschool.

It is important that you as soon as possible bring your child home.

The child may return to school when the general condition permits it.


                                    Aims ​​for healthier preschool children:               
                                             Fresh air is important for your child´s health, be outdoor as much as possible!

          Cough and coryza
          Your child should stay at home if it can´t manage the activities or requires extra effort

          (e.g. help with medication).


Throat Infection
Can be caused by viruses or bacteria. In the latter case, treatment with penicillin may be required. After 2-3 days of treatment one can expect

the infection not to be harmful.

The child shall, for the risk of becoming infected once again or infect others, stay at home

until the infection is over and the child is able to manage a day at the preschool.

Mouth sores
Children with impetigo should stay home until the fluid is gone.
Herpes blisters, which is a common cause of mouth sores, can sometimes lead to an impact on the child´s general condition and also give fever.

Eye inflammation
Your child´s eyes sometimes need to be washed several times a day and the child must

then stay at home. Otherwise determine the general condition.

Infectivity before symptoms appear.

If your child has fever, it shall stay at home. Let the child have a "FREE FROM FEVER-day"

before coming back to preschool.

Diarrhea and upset stomach
For diarrhea or upset stomach with vomiting, the child must stay at home until feces are becoming normal in number and the child can eat

normal food.

NOTE: Remember the 48-hour rule!

(The child may not come to preschool until 48 hours after last vomiting/diarrhea)
Has your child got diarrhea after traveling abroad, the child must stay at home while awaiting

the test results.

Is highly contagious and the child must stay at home until all coppers dried in. After they have dried in, determine the general condition of your child to see if it can

return to preschool.

Must be treated immediately (talk with the Pharmacy). It´s important that you do good combing with a lice comb. Treatment should be repeated after one week. Control of lice must be done daily for 14 days. Check also other family members and friends. The child must be treated before he/she can come back to preschool. The child should stay home on the day of treatment. No sooner than 8 hours after treatment, the child can

go to preschool.

Different sorts of worms

Treatment with preparations from the Pharmacy is recommended.

Careful handhygiene is important.
If your child has threadworm, it must be treated before he/she can come to preschool.
The child should stay home on the day of treatment. No sooner than 8 hours after treatment, the child can go to preschool.

Water play with other children should not occur when the child have diarrhea or other stomach-related problems.
The child may not be in close contact with
the kitchen and/or the cooking.

Hygiene must be improved! Teach your children to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly!
For all our childrens best, please, remember this.

Be careful if your child is unwell and/or not able to participate in our activities.


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