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Maximum fee also includes us.
More information on fees see the webpage of Gnesta municipality.


            During the month of July each year (four weeks) Grinden is ​closed.


Children with special needs

Preschool responsibility is to ensure that children who for whatever reason need support during their preschooltime will get it.

This support can, for example consist of: Preschoolteachers ​receiving education on how ​to act around ​children with special needs or receiving extra

support from an temporary teacher or assistant who is included in our activities.

If we suspect that a child maybe ​need extra support we will contact the parents to discuss it

The preschool then makes an application that is signed by both parents and head teacher and send it to the Board of Bou (Child and education),

Gnesta municipality. They will dicuss the application and determine whether and if so, what resources the preschool needs to support

the current child.

Together with parents, we long to find good solutions that allow the child to develop in the right way, therefore, as soon as possible, we create a program of actions that will help the child.

This program of actions describes the child´s strong abilities and also the child´s difficulties, formulate goals to achieve and describes the actions

needed to achieve the goals. The program of actions is then continuously followed up with the parents.


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