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                                                              Language and matematics through movement



We aim to:

1. In early years, in a playful way, lay the foundation for a language-awareness that

will stimulate an expressive language development consisting both of spoken, read,

played, written and dramatized language through painting, forming and a lot of

cognizant motor training.

2. In early years give each child opportunities for further matematic development so

they can develop their understanding of matematical concepts and logical thinking

through the visibility of matematics in the children´s lives.

3. Provide the opportunities for each child to develop their ability to build, create,

construct and use their imagination using various materials and techniques.

4. Develop the children´s ability to cooperate with each other, provide the conditions 

helping them feel lika a team (listen, encourage and help)

5. Provide conditions helping the children develop independence and creativity.

6. Through music, dancing and movement-games strengthen the childrens ability to

control their body and getting them to see their own body´s current opportunities/restricitions.

Through this we want them to develop their identity.

7. Preparing the body for further development in reading and writing.

8. Through the use of movements develop their space and time-perception.


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